Monday, June 2, 2014

Photo Leis for Graduations!

In Hawaii, graduations are a big thing. The graduate can expect to be covered in leis from friends and loved ones. Knowing this, I created a personalized lei for my special friends who are especially dear to me. Its very simple.
 First select pictures of the graduate. I looked for genuine happy, smiling pictures of our outings together. I selected at least one or more pictures that had her cousins in it, her selfies, her family, me and her at her new job.
 Once printed (fill 1 whole sheet, use photo paper), cut the photos apart into strips. Use a cutting board if possible. Then place clear packing tape directly over each picture.
 Like this.
 Smooth it out with a flat object. I used a pencil.
 Slide it over until there is no more bumps or bubbles. 
This is a great trick for toothpaste too!
 No more bubbles!
 Trim. I used a smaller cutting board this time.
 Trim all four edges for a clean look.
 Do the same for each photo.
 I like to double the pictures by glueing two pictures together. This is an option depending on how many pictures you have available.
I let the glue set over night. Then trimmed it to fit.
 Buy a cheap candy lei or make one yourself with whatever you want inside. I got this one at Walmart for less than $3. Once trimmed and dried, I lined the photos up to the lei and set aside.
I grabbed some pink raffia because she's a girl and its a festive color. Lol!
Punch holes in the photos and slide the raffia piece through. 
 Double knot it onto the lei.
 And repeat for each photo until you're done! 
"All done!"
"All done" with school too!

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