Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crunchy Garlic

I once hosted a Chinese girl on vacation who grew up in Vietnam. During her stay with us, she made us some of her local favorite dishes like Pho from scratch. She even included a fresh squid! 

But I can't do what she did... I did, however learn how to fry garlic. Which I have done many times since she left.

I really love making this because its so delicious and easy to add or to enhance any recipe you make. 

Ok. Here we go:   
Grab some garlic, any amount. I love to do this when I know I must use the garlic already. Lol!
Peel and mince. I used a processor because it was faster and easier. 
Heat a small sauce pan to medium high heat. Add a little canola oil.
Add the garlic to the pan.
Bring it to a soft boil/simmer.
Stir occasionally to avoid burning.
It'll take a while so try to resist any temptation to stop the process. hahaha.
As it turns color, carefully watch it until golden brown.
This is perfect. 
This is a little over cooked but still crispy and good. You can let cool for a few minutes or use it right away. 
I like to transfer it into a ramekin. Keep the oil together with the garlic because it keeps it crispy and it'll last longer.  
And enjoy! 
Here's my crispy garlic setting on the side waiting for dinner to be finished. 

It'll stay crispy in the refrigerator for months! I just cover with a saran wrap, keeping it in the same ramekin. Whenever I'm ready to use it, I just bring it out, share it at the dinner table or just top it on something. 

There's so many possibilities.

Its great on pastas, pizzas, salads, soups etc! 
Here, I added it to my Edamame -Hawaiian style-

Bon apetite!

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