Friday, May 16, 2014

Fresh Pineapple-tini

When my friends from Japan came over for dinner, they brought me a pineapple! 
Which I thought was funny since I am from Hawaii. 
So I decided to serve it to them. Well, dinner was all set so what am I to do with this... First thing I thought of was juicing it. Then I thought, what if we add sugar and alcohol. I didn't add any sugar but I did make a delicious cocktail. 

Here's what happened and the how-to's for pineappletini...
My dear friend Akiko learning how to use the machine. If you have a juicer.... Perfect! Just cut  the pineapple and juice it! Leave out the core since its too thick to juice or eat it or find someone who will. Lol!
If you don't have any fresh pineapples, there's nothing wrong with using the juice from canned pineapples. It will be sweeter and less frothy. 
The ratio of juice and alcohol is up to you. If you like it sweet, use the pineapple 3 to 1 to the vodka. 

I used the mini shaker to the left. First, I added ice about half of the shaker, then 1 shot of vodka, and the rest fresh pineapple juice. Give it a few shakes and strain it out from the built in strainer cap. 

If you don't have a martini shaker, put two thick tall glass with large openings together to seal and shake. Then tap the middle to loosen the two glasses and strain with a cocktail strainer. You can see the strainer in the middle of the stand (above).
Garnish with a sprig of mint, a pinapple chunk and serve! Ta-da!

As an option or alternative or side notes...

  • You could use a light rum or Parot Bay Rum instead of vodka. 
  • Save your premium vodkas and use your cheaper versions whenever mixing drinks. 
  • You can store vodkas in the freezer if its pure 100% alcohol. 
  • But never put beer and flavored liqueurs in the freezer because it WILL explode. 
  • Smirnoff is a good inexpensive vodka. We used to use it at my old job. In this case, I only had Greygoose on hand which I normally use as a premium but it was a small price to pay for my valued guests.
  • Add fruit or herbs to your shaker. If using herbs, give it a few breaks to get its oils and throw it in. 

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