Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hiyayashi (Cold Tofu)

I grew up in a Japanese-American household. My Mom is from Japan and my Dad is from Oregon. So growing up, Mom cooked American and Japanese meals everyday. 

Hiyayashi tofu is the one thing my American Dad really loves. My Mom makes it with soy sauce but I found something I love better, PONZU! 

Here we go!
First I peel a little skin off ginger. 
 Then grate a little (1-2 oz.) ginger (or daikon if preferred) over the top of the cut and drained soft tofu.
You can store ginger in the refrigerator for a long time in an air tight container sitting on a moist paper towel. 
 I love these radish sprouts from Safeway. I clean and cut off the roots with one big chop. 

(Other options: green onions, shiso leaf, cucumber, wakame, nori, cilantro, asparagus, parsley)
 Next drizzle the ponzu directly on the tofu. YUM! 
 Ponzu is a citrus sweet light sauce that can be often be used as a soy sauce replacement. 
 Next add a generous blob of bonito flakes (Katsuo-bushi). 
 Top with greens. 
 Add a little color and serve!

Here's a little fun experiment I did...
A taste test!
Looks like Korean was the favorite for my Mom and my husband. 


PROTEIN: Bonito flakes, ham, imitation crab/kamaboko, dried fish, ikura, bacon, roasted sesame seeds or nuts.

GREENS: Green Onions, radish sprouts, shiso, cucumber, wakame, nori, cilantro, asparagus, parsley, or prepared seafood salad from the store.

COLOR: Tomato, corn, pickled ginger, thin sliced radish, crispy fried onions, ginger or garlic.

SAUCE: Ponzu or yuzu kosho (citrus zest or juice), soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar or agave/honey.

PASTE: Wasabi, plum paste, sriracha, chili paste, anchovy paste. 

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