Monday, April 21, 2014

Crispy Brussel Sprout Chips

One of my favorite restaurants right now is Gyu-Kaku. The one in Windward Mall really surprised me with their Brussel Sprout Fries.

I want to like brussel sprouts so I gave it a try... And I... seriously... fell in love.
Gyu-Kaku Brussel Sprout Fries
I came up with a copy-cat recipe with my own spin on it. 

So enjoy! 

I know I did.

Ok. Start by cleaning the brussel sprouts, then pat them dry. Chop the ends off. And peel or cut them into thin slices. Its up to you. I did them both ways.

 Also you may choose between olive oil....
 Or coconut oil. I made them side by side to compare. 
 Add a little salt.
 And some freshly grounded pepper.
 On the left is the coconut oiled brussel sprouts. On the right is the olive oiled brussel sprouts.
 Line the sprouts on a baking sheet. Add more seasoning if desired. 
Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden, crispy and slightly fragrant. 400 degrees F.
In the meantime, make the sauce. 
To make the sauce, mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise with about a teaspoon of wasabi paste. 

 Combine it until its a smooth yellow-green-ish color.
 Gyu-Kaku restaurant added honey in their sauce (I didn't have honey so I used Agave.) I noticed the sweetness was a nice complement to the wasabi's spiciness and blended very well together. 

 The coconut oil flavor nearly disappeared and both (Olive oil and Coconut oil) came out practically the same. 
I was surprised that the coconut flavor cooked out and was undetected by my husband who doesn't like coconut oil.
Ok now to serve...
 Put the mayo-mixture in a snack-size ziplock bag.
Seal and cut the end tip off. 
 Squeeze the mixture evenly on the brussel chips bowls.
 Carefully pour ponzu from the sides.

And finally add furikake (rice seasoning) and serve. 


After all that...

I still had left over unbaked brussel sprout leaves...

So, here's another version... 
 Add freshly grated parmesan cheese!
 Plop it on top.  
Add toasted almond slices and eat!

Notice the bacon... I like it better without.

Itadakimasu! (Japanese)

Bon Apetite! (French)

Enjoy! (American)

Grindz! (Hawaiian)

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