Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun with Fish

Our last trip to Costco, my husband and I came home with a big bag of frozen Swai. I have never cooked with Swai before this. So heres me playing around with it.

White pesto-mayo
L: Panko-pesto. Middle: white pesto. R: furikake.
The Swai is a very light fragile fish in my opinion. Its no wonder light Asian sauces go well with it in the restaurants. I think my experiment with Swai was okay but a little heavy for such a light delicate fish. I will go Asian next time! 

Ok fish number two! 


Here's my four go-to salmon recipes. 
1. The classic lemon, caper, butter...
 Of course with olive oil, salt and pepper.
2. Soy sauce, rice vinegar, dijon mustard and brown sugar.
This one gets better as a left over!
3. Rosemary-Garlic. Very simple. Perfectly crisp on the outer sides and soft and juicy everywhere else. Mmmmm!
4. And finally, Furikake Salmon!
Bon appetite everyone.

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