Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oyako Donburi with Chicken Katsu

Yummy yummy chicken-katsu, oyako-donburi! A japanese meal for anytime of the day. Also called, Oyako-don (Don is short for Donburi, which means Rice Bowl). 

And it is surprisingly easy to make. 

Here's my step-by-step pictures to prove it ;-)
Peel and slice half of an onion.  
 Clean and pat dry one or two chicken breasts.
Slice into katsu-size pieces
 Or however you want to slice it...
 Season with salt and pepper then set aside. Also heat some oil in a pan.
 Next, lightly scramble two or so eggs and set aside.
 Set aside a bowl of panko bread crumbs.
 Now your ready to make the chicken katsu!
 Grab a piece of chicken and lightly dip it in the egg.
 Quickly drop it in the panko and cover the entire piece.
 Shake off the excess.
And fry over medium heat. 
Keep in mind that if it splatters, it is too hot and needs to be at a lower heat.
Drain over paper towels.
 Cook all the chicken and set aside.
 Now for the Oyako-part... Mix together some dashi...
(Dashi is just a broth of water, kelp and bonito flakes)
  And some sugar...
and some soy sauce.
 Next, saute the onions until translucent.
 Pour the dashi-soy sauce mix over the onions.
 Oooh yeah baby
 Place the katsu over the onion-dashi mix.
 Crack a couple of eggs and lightly beat and drizzle the egg all over the katsu.
Let it set for a few minutes, covered.
 Add some green onions to garnish...
And wallah! Serve over hot rice and you got a homemade Chicken Katsu Oyako Donburi! 


Printable Recipe Coming Soon

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