Monday, April 14, 2014

Flash Boiled Ahi Sashimi

 I've been watching a lot of NHK World (Japan's National Public Broadcasting Station).  
 I took this picture of my TV screen.

Anyway, when I got this very large, very premium, sashimi-grade Ahi tuna from my Mom's neighbor, I had my chance to try something really awesome. Believe it or not, this nice piece of fish was a thank you gift for a mileage flight we gave her.
Mom and I split it in half.
Here's my half. Now back at home, here's what I did with it. 
I started grating some daikon and set it aside in a bowl. The soy sauce and wasabi, standing by as well.
Here's my beautiful looking half. You can see the hard dark colored skin on the other side which I cut off before cooking. 
Next, I prepared an ice bath (Ice and water). 
 Then I boiled some water. Once boiling, I quickly dunk the fish for 5-7 seconds. 
 Let me tell you... I was really REALLY nervous. I didn't want to make any mistakes.
 Then I quickly dropped it in the ice bath to prevent further cooking. 
 Ah. Perfect. Cut in half.
 I added the daikon, some greens, the fish and wasabi.
Sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds.
 And Wa-La! 
I added all the extra pieces rolled up or placed nicely... that is, extra pieces that I haven't already eaten before this picture was shot. 

My brother is a diver and makes his own sashimi. Locally we call it Poke ("Poki"). Here's some of his  latest stuff.


Hello teeth.

These are the beautiful fish of Hawaii. 

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